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Welcome To Web Joint Ventures . . .

At Web Joint Ventures we’re are all about co-creation, collaboration and realizing R.O.I. when smart people work together to introduce innovative products, services and creative works to a viable marketplace. Web Joint Ventures brings together Makers and Inventors, Technical Leaders and Investors under one roof. Makers and Leaders can pitch product and business ideas and Investors can review them based and make contact with secure contact to learn more about any project they find interesting or wish to research further.

Web Joint Ventures features creative and innovate works from Makers who have big plans and ideas for their inventions and ideas

Web Joint Ventures Connects Them!


Show off your stuff! From early stage specs and concept documents to pre-production prototypes. Soon you’ll be networking with visionary, business minded leaders that can help take it to the street.

Future CEOs

You’ve got the vision, connections and skills to get it done, but you need the right product. We’ll help you connect with makers from around the world who can help fill your inventory with innovate products and services.


The S&P 500 of 2020 will look nothing like it does in 2013 and that future is being created today, not in big skyscrapers and swank laboratories, but in backyards and basements.The to engage is now.