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The Future CEO Global Directory is a uniquely and carefully curated collection of thinkers, visionaries, problem solvers, dreamers and doers and the projects the are working on today that will shape our collective tomorrow.

Unlike the myriad of professional networks online today that render more like a high school popularity contest, this venue is for the young women and men of all ages, nationalities, creeds and backgrounds who don’t have 9000 professional connections just yet (but will).

The WJV Future CEO Directory’s objective  is to link the Leaders, Inventors, Technology Officers, Authors and more of tomorrow with people who have a genuine interest and ability to invest in their works today. Investment here is not limited to just venture funding but may come in any form ranging from mentorship and resources to venture capital and anything in between.

Despite the diversity in the projects, geographic locations and odds, these remarkable individuals have a lot in common.

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