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Future Think: A business case for applying emerging technology and internet trend analysis into your investment strategies.

This section is dedicated to the art (and science) of Forward Thinking and understanding what we can and can not know about ‘the next big thing’ and the role such thinking plays in making informed investments in emerging technology and the emerging trends it creates around the world. Every minute of every day, people just like you and I are actively creating our collective tomorrow for better or worse.  What we have learned from 19 years on the front line of technology is that integrating very disciplined and measured forward thinking into our investment strategies leads to greater success and¬†quantifiable¬†competitive advantages. For us, it\’s all about connecting and the technology and trends that will fuel our ability to do so on many levels.\n\nWhat follows is a collection of Futuring concepts, strategies, businesses cases, market data and arguments from some of the top forward thinkers of our time, as well as ideas on how to apply that thinking in today\’s business environment for maximum growth and R.O.I.

Future Think: A Practical Definition

Before discussing application, it’s important to have a working definition of Forward Thinking that puts us on the same page and provides a baseline for our conversation. Here we define Future Think very simply as creative and practical thinking about the future and anticipating what’s possible and what’s likely so that we can take action today to best position ourselves and our businesesses. Some may call it imagination or even dreaming, but the difference between dreaming and future think lies in the term practical and unlike dreaming it has an objective of better positioning ourselves and our businesses for what lies ahead. In addition to understanding what Future Think is, it’s equally as important to understand what it is not. Future Think is not about predicting the future or fortune telling. That’s a whole different line of thinking that’s is interesting and fun, but not what we are talking about here. Ok, with a basic working definition of Future Think defined, we cas start to look at it’s history. From there we will get into some best practices, practical examples and some resources.

The History Of The Future:

Thinking about the future in an attempt to identify opportunities and risks that we should be ready for is certainly nothing new. There are countless examples from both ancient and modern history from which empires were built and fortunes were made by individuals making sure they were in the right place at the right time. As a matter of fact all of Wall Street is based on the future think principle.



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