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What Is The Internet of Things?

It is an emerging area of computer science and rapidly becoming a sector that’s ripe for entrepreneurs and investors interested in joining forces with the bright Makers  who are powering it’s growth as an industry. Definitions vary, but here’s how we define it:

The Internet of Things is about creating systems that allow physical objects in the ‘real world’ to interact with (i.e. send data and receive commands from) the web. It’s the process of web enabling everyday physical world objects to expand their capabilities, usefulness, functions and form.

Let’s use an example to better illustrate the vision of ‘The Internet of Things’. Not so long ago a telephone was just a telephone, no one ever mentioned the term ‘Smart Phone’. But things changed along the way and now over XX Billion people on the planet use web enabled smart phones that do much more than just allow us to talk to one another. Now apply that same evolution to <insert any physical world object you can think of here>.  So, Smart Dishwasher or Smart Desk, or Smart Toilet??  You get the idea, any physical world object can become aSmart Object  and congratulations, you also now get the basic premise of the internet of things, the process of web enabling everyday physical world objects to expand their usefulness, functions and i’m sure one day soon their form.

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The Internet Of Things, Smart Objects & The Business Opportunity They Create Today.


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